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Our African Adventure
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View from VOI LODGE, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Following the Blessing of our Marriage at St John's Church, Manthorpe on the 4 November 2000 and reception at the King's Hotel, Grantham, we flew from Gatwick Airport to Mombasa, Kenya on Monarch Airways for a 14 night holiday at the Travellers Beach Club. The hotel is some 10 Kms North of Mombasa Island. What a memorable holiday it was, everything we had heard about Africa was true. We went on two safaris, one to the Travellers Mwaluganje Elephant Camp at an Elephant Sanctuary in the Shimba Hills and the other to Tasvo East National Park, we loved every minute of it, especially the Elephant Camp. We cannot wait until next year to return to the African sun and all those friendly people we met there. Here's news we are going to Kenya again this year for 3 weeks (November 2005) this time, it will give us longer on safari and more time to enjoy the sun! In November 2008 we went to Kenya again!, another brilliant holiday, all the better because we truly believe that this time we were helping the economy after the tragic events of Jan/Feb 2008.


Photograph of the pool bar!! (note the visitor)


'Laid under the gently moving palm trees overlooking the Indian Ocean'


Chris & Phil enjoy a quiet beer after safari.

We travelled to Kenya with our friends, Chris & Phil Fenn, they had previously been to Kenya but had stayed at the Turtle Bay Beach CLub, near Malindi. They had told us that it would be a trip of a lifetime and so it turned out to be.
The weather was wonderful, although it was the short wet season, we only had three showers, two that lasted 10/15 mins and one, on our last night, that lasted all night! The rest of the time it was hot and sunny, average temperature was 97f during the day and 80f at night, the rooms were air conditioned.
The staff were wonderful and extremely helpful, the food was good, mostly English fare and the drinks were free!! Swimming in the pools was like taking a hot bath as was the Indian Ocean, however, there were pool bars that helped. The entertainment staff, who spoke three languages (Swahili, English and German) were superb and very funny. One of the funniest nights was the Quiz Night, held in English and German. Here's an example of some questions; What sign was Jesus born under? the German answer; Bethlehem!! What animal cannot jump? Answer; Duck Billed Plattypus!! this from our table. What's the Swahili name for Elephant? Answer; Jumbo!! again from our table.


This is one of the views from our balcony. To our right was the Indian Ocean and the white beaches. To our left was the hotel reception, another pool bar, further bars and the dining areas

All photographs on this page Copyright 2000 Chris Morgan

African Holiday Photographs